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Participatory process

Urban development through participation

Urban development is not something to be pursued behind closed doors. We’re certain that the more people who are involved, the better the project will be. With the help of Léva Urban Design, we embarked on a participatory process to map the needs for the Økern area. An orientation meeting and digital neighbourhood survey have been carried out, and we’ve held workshops with focus groups. In addition, a drop-in project office in the old waiting room of Økern metro station was set up, where passers-by could ask questions, discuss issues, and provide their input.

There has been a great deal of interest in the development of Økern Sentrum in the local community and among municipal and regional decision-makers. This interest has given us a lot of valuable input that has helped to show us both challenges and opportunities. Økern is socially diverse, with a unique identity that should be built on in our work on the project.

There has been a lot of input on topics such as urban space and urban nature, neighbourhoods and residential environments, indoor and outdoor meeting places, centre life and commercial services, mobility and travel, workplaces, and culture and activities. There is consensus that Økern should be an attractive place to meet locally, with a good mix of functions that have regional appeal. The input has laid an important foundation for the development and planning of Økern’s new urban centre.

Figure 1. Recommended planning based on the participatory process with both local and regional services. Illustration: Léva Urban Design See illustrasjon.

Further development of a sustainable public transport hub

Getting to Økern should be simple and emission-free. We must break down barriers so that it becomes easy and attractive to travel to Økern by green means, such as by bike and on foot. The public transport hub will be further developed by way of future mobility solutions. A mobility hub is planned in which public transport will be connected to individual mobility solutions, such as bike hotels and sharing schemes. Find out more about the development of the hub. (Article to come)

Diverse urban life and experiences

A cohesive range of retail, housing, and workplaces, together with culture and activities, characterises a successful centre that is full of life 24/7/365. Plans also include a kindergarten, a contemporary retail offering, restaurants, bars, cultural halls, assembly halls, a cinema, a library, and youth centres.

See illustration in larger format here.

Urban spaces with water and nature

The high-rise block is encapsulated by a central square the size of Youngstorget. The historic streams of Hovinbekken and Refstadbekken will be reopened and feature ponds and fish. Of the total 90,000 m2 plan area, around a third will be set aside as publicly accessible squares and streets and for water, streams, and green areas. This will help to ensure a high-quality urban cityscape in Økern. Find out more about what we’re doing to reopen the streams here. [Link to article]

Local and regional cultural initiatives

Økern Sentrum will be an important venue for Oslo’s cultural scene in the form of both cultural production and performances. Cultural initiatives must be for everyone and have a special emphasis on local initiatives. Find out more about what we’re doing with culture in Økern. (Link to subpage on culture)

Find out more about what we’re doing with culture here. (Article to come)

Local production and logistics hubs

A local farmer’s market has already opened in Økern. Dagensmat, in collaboration with Økern Sentrum, is making it possible to order goods from small, local food producers that can be picked up in Økern. Økern Sentrum will strive to continue the strong traditions of production and logistics in the urban Økern area. Find out more about what we’re doing. (article to come)

Download the full report on the participatory process here.

See an overview of the input that has influenced our regulatory efforts here.

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