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About the project

The new urban hub to the east of Oslo

Oslos fastest growing area is going to have its new city centre at Økern! Skøyen, Majorstuen and Nydalen are local centers on opposite sides of the city. Økern will be the same in Oslo east/north, and at the same time something completely new and different: Of the total area 1/3 will be green or blue, and public places. Økern will be the very heart and the central spot of Oslo's largest and most important urban development project - Hovinbyen. Our aim is to build a district and a center created for and with the people who will use it, where they can live, live and work. As a public transport hub, Økern is already one of Oslo's busiest, and that is before the development of Økern center has started. Økern center is a climate-friendly and future-oriented urban development where we preserve and enhance Økern's history. The new Økern should reflect the times we live in and the culture we create while we live.


Økern Sentrum ANS. (50% owned by Steen & Strøm and 50% owned by Storebrand)


Approx 70,000 m2


Økern public transport hub (metro and bus)

Existing plan

Shopping centre and other industries

New plan

Multifunctional urban centre with a high proportion of housing and a varied range of retail, industry, culture, activities, and experiences

Plan area

Approx. 95,000 m2

Planned buildings

Approx. 220,000 m2

Planned squares, meeting places, and water and streams

Approx. 35,000 m2

Planned blue/green structures

Approx. 9,000 m2

Number of homes

Approx. 1,350

Proportion of industry, culture, retail, offices, and public and private services

Approx. 100,000 m2

Environmental and climate profile

BREEAM Communities, Excellent

Approved zoning plan

2024* - *dependent on the processing time.

Completion of all construction phases

Approx. 10-15 years

Økern Sentrum will include a new, 6000 sqm public square with buzzling urban activities and nature.

Multifunctional and diverse urban centre with a variety of places to meet

Thanks to a participatory process, we have received thousands of ideas from residents, authorities, organisations, and businesses that demonstrate the demand for diversity and a variety of places to meet in Økern. Together, we’ll create an urban centre with excellent residential areas close to streams and nature, and a contemporary shopping centre that takes future mobility needs into account. In addition, Økern Sentrum will boast several attractive workplaces within a broad spectrum of industries, becoming a hub for a diverse cultural scene and a raft of activities.

Økern Sentrum consists of six city quarters surrounding the iconic 60s high rise tower.

The heart of Hovinbyen

Økern Sentrum will shape and change Oslo in line with the growth strategy for Oslo Municipality: “Oslo towards 2030: Smart, safe, green”, and “Oslo towards 2040: Our city, our future”. Thanks to its location, Økern is of strategic importance for the entire north-eastern side of Oslo. We will give the area a meeting place and a range of cultural services, with retail and nature in an urban setting, a hub that can drive the development of Hovinbyen as a whole.

More than 12,000 homes are already planned within walking distance of Økern Sentrum. With the Ulven, Økern S, HasleLinje, Gregers Kvartal, Økern torg, Kabelgata and Økern Sentrum developments, more than 7,000 homes are planned for around 15,000 people. Økern will be at the heart of all of these, in addition to already being a catchment area for 783,000 people thanks to its location.

The Økern Sentrum project addresses the overarching plans and policy objectives for the development of Oslo, Hovinbyen, and the Økern area, and has high priority with Oslo Municipality’s administration.

You can find out more about our work on participation and involvement here.

Oslo’s plans for Hovinbyen (strategic plan, adopted in 2018)

Find out more about the Green Ring (principle plan, 2019, for political approval)

The planning proposal is now issued for public consultation. Find out more and give your opinion HERE

Link to all case documents HERE

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About Økern

Økern has a rich and varied natural and cultural history. Read more about Økern's history here!

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