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Culture and activities

A new venue for culture and experiences


Økern Sentrum will enable all inhabitants from all walks of life to enjoy a good range of cultural activities through learning, self-activity, and experiences.


Økern Sentrum will

  • use culture and experiences to make Økern a good place to live, work, and enjoy
  • provide the cultural scene with good arenas in which to develop and present events to a wide audience
  • offer a new film hub with a wide range of film-related services
  • embark on new journeys in culture
  • use culture and experiences to enliven the district and encourage 24/7/365 activity

Norway – a pioneer in urban cultural life

Oslo has a skilled and diverse population with environments rich in resources in the cultural arena. Oslo as a city of culture is characterised by major institutions being located in the centre while a great deal of new culture and young expression is being created in Groruddalen. We have an incredibly high level of activity in the voluntary sector, both organised and unorganised.

In Økern, we can reduce the distance between central institutions and local activity. We believe that the cultural activities on offer tomorrow will require ‘lighthouses and breadth’ to be more closely linked, in the same way as in full-spectrum sports.

As people, we’re gaining more skills through associations, cultural schools, and our general education. This means that we’re demanding more of our leisure activities, and as such we as spectators and audiences are demanding ever more of professional institutions.

There are huge ambitions for the development of Hovinbyen, which is an urban expansion zone to the north. Here, Økern will play a central role, figuratively and geographically, in culture and cultural enterprises. In this way, Økern and Hovinbyen will help to achieve Oslo’s vision of future-oriented and innovative urban development. Find out more about how culture is affecting urban development in Økern. (Link to article on culture)

The cultural venture for Økern Sentrum is supported by a broad participatory process and is based on the needs identified for the area. Its district management, neighbourhood, local organisations and stakeholders, authorities, and decision-makers have all shown incredible commitment. There is broad agreement that Økern should be an attractive place to meet locally, with a good mix of functions and social and cultural offerings with regional appeal.

Find out more about the participatory process here.