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The new hub for the east of Oslo

A future-oriented and sustainable urban development project in the heart of Hovinbyen

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Økern Sentrum is well on its way to setting the parameters for a future “capital” in the east of Oslo. You can follow the development of the plan here:

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Public consultation (04.04-23.05). Click here to read more and give your opinion now.
The planning proposal is issued for public consultation. Give your opinion now!
Revised plan after public consultation
Following a public consultation, input will be addressed before the planning authorities can submit the plan proposal for political processing.
Political processing
Following a public consultation, input will be addressed before the planning authorities can submit the plan proposal for political processing.
Building permit applications
It is estimated that application and construction for the first phase will commence in 2024-2025. This depends on the processing of the case.
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- Project director Thomas Holth

"We've received more than a thousand ideas from residents, authorities, organisations, and businesses, which demonstrates that Økern is crying out for diversity and a variety of places to meet. We're now embarking on our task of reinvigorating Økern and shake the place up, almost around the clock"

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Participatory project on Økern

There has been a great deal of interest in the development of Økern Sentrum in the local community and among municipal and regional decision-makers. This interest has given us a lot of valuable input that has helped to show us both challenges and opportunities. Økern is socially diverse, with a unique identity that should be built on in our work on the project.

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Diverse urban life and experiences

A cohesive range of retail, housing, and workplaces, together with culture and activities, characterise a successful centre that is full of life 24/7, all year round.

Local and regional cultural investment

Økern Sentrum will be an important venue for Oslo’s cultural scene in the form of both cultural production and performances. Cultural initiatives must be for everyone and have a special emphasis on local initiatives.

Local production and logistics hubs

A local farmer’s market has already opened in Økern. Dagensmat, in collaboration with Økern Sentrum, is making it possible to order goods from small, local food producers that can be picked up in Økern.

Urban spaces with water and nature

Of the total 90 000 m2 plan area, around a third will be set aside as publicly accessible squares and streets and for water, streams, and green areas. This will help to ensure a high-quality urban cityscape in Økern.

About Økern sentrum

Find out more about how Økern will be transformed from an industrial area to a sustainable and dynamic urban centre for the whole of Oslo.

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