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Frequently asked questions about the Økern-project

While we were planning the new shopping centre, Oslo’s population grew by 125,000 people. The plans for a new Tøyenbad were launched. Oslo has huge ambitions for sustainable and social urban expansion (the plan for Hovinbyen) with greater emphasis on urban life, cultural heritage, reuse, access to water and nature, culture, and social meeting places.

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According to the plan, construction of the first phase will commence in 2023. This depends on how long the regulatory process and processing of the construction case takes with the planning and building authorities. We’ll do what we can to keep things moving, and in the meantime we’ll explore opportunities for temporary tenders.

According to the plan, Økern Sentrum will be completed between 2033 and 2035. Proactive efforts will be made to offer temporary activities and services in the area while development is underway.

The construction period for the entire project will be approximately ten years, although the area will be divided into subprojects, with each being completed within two to four years.

The high-rise block is an important cultural monument and resource. It is more sustainable to retain and rebuild the building than to demolish it, even with regard to the environment and greenhouse gas emissions.

The high-rise block could become an office building, apartments, or even a hotel. The building will be completely renovated and the ground level changed to make it much more inviting than it is now.

Retail is an important function in the new Økern Sentrum. The updated plan will have a timely range of retail outlets with open ground floors. Up to 15,000 m2 of shops are planned, which is a third of the shopping centre plan, but this will still cover all the needs of residents and users. There will be an enhanced range of food, hospitality, and experience services.

After the plans for the new Tøyenbadet were launched, the justification for a water park was weaker. Although Oslo lacks swimming pools, there is no market for two large swimming facilities just a few kilometres away from each other. In 2021, Oslo Municipality opened a temporary swimming facility at Økern, directly opposite Økern Sentrum.

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According to the plan, around 1,500 new homes will be built.

The plan area is about 90 acres, and there are plans for buildings covering 240,000 m2, which is an increase on the 163,000 m2 in the shopping centre plan.

The company Økern Sentrum ANS, which is owned 50/50 by Steen & Strøm and Storebrand.

More than NOK 10 billion will be invested during the project’s construction period of around ten years.

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