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23. Nov 2021

Collaboration with the National Theatre at Økern


The National Theatre is coming to Økern!

Oslo, Norway’s capital of culture, is growing. At Økern, the National Theatre has a unique opportunity to build the theatre of the future. Thanks to Økern being the geographical centre and most central hub in the whole of Oslo, the National Theatre gains unique co-location opportunities, as well as access to a new and diverse audience from right across the city.

Økern knutepunket
Økern – the most central location in all of Oslo

The cultural investment in Økern is a long-term strategy to transform the area by using culture and experiences to turn Økern into a good place to live and work. Find out more about our investment in culture HERE

The first venture will be a site-specific production of a classic novel to be staged in the old shopping centre. It will provide an all-encompassing experience that will engage key societal thematics to enable a discussion on community, the conditions for bringing up children and young people, and the type of urban spaces we want. It’s about involving and engaging people, and creating good places in the neighbourhood for people to meet. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for updates.

Økern Sentrum is one of several stakeholders that have offered their input to the National Theatre on the potential for a temporary main stage while the main theatre is being refurbished. Read what Aftenposten has to say about the National Theatre’s moving plans HERE

Nyhetsartikkel Aftenposten - Nationtheatret
Økern is one of several options for the National Theatre’s temporary main stage.

We’re looking forward to starting our collaboration with the National Theatre, and we hope this is just the start of a broader and long-term presence for Norway’s largest cultural institution in Økern.