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22. May 2023

Revised planning proposal submitted

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The revised planning proposal has now been submitted to the Planning and Building Agency for processing and assessment, before the plan is forwarded for political consideration.

Today, the zoning suggests a shopping centre (2012), but in 2019 planning began for a multifunctional city centre instead, because this was more in line with what the area and the city need. The centre of Oslo is to be expanded to the north and east, and the planning proposal that is now being assessed provides the basis for this.

Now the plans have been reduced in both volume and height, and space has been set aside for stream openings, green areas and places. In the planning area, 1/3 of the area is set aside for this, 1/3 for buildings and 1/3 is (existing) road network with associated pavements, and subway/public transport hub.

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